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We're here for the long haul!

TLC Healthcare works with our clients to build lasting relationships.  We are not a temporary staffing agency.  Instead, we work with clients to find solutions to staff vacancies or unexpected staffing demands.  We recruit local professionals to provide support and care to fill the casual staffing needs of Residences.  We are committed to building consistent care with TLC team members dedicated to your residence.

Never Enough Time!

Running short staffed is a constant issue for Residences.  Finding replacement staff is time-consuming and time is always at a premium.  TLC Healthcare can provide a stable pool of qualified staff to fill your staffing vacancies.  Unlike casual pools, where the staff do not receive secure or sufficient hours, our staff are full-time employees.  As a result, we have a stable staffing resource available to meet your vacant shift needs.


We are an affordable solution for Long Term Care Homes, Hospitals, and Retirement Homes. We reduce your costs by providing local nursing staff to fill your shift vacancies. You will see the savings as we take care of orientation, ongoing training, payroll, and benefits.


Unlike In-House Casual pools, TLC Healthcare can offer a stable pool of professionals available to you when you need them.  We handle the recruitment, training and scheduling of your casual staffing needs freeing up your administrative time for more pressing needs.

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By utilizing TLC Healthcare’s staff, you benefit from having staff who are familiar with your community and Residence to build continuity of care. We orientate staff so they are familiar with your procedures and residents.  A Team Leader is assigned and will work with you to address any concerns.


TLC Healthcare recruits staff in our client’s area.  The benefits to the community and clients are many, including retaining qualified committed healthcare professionals in their home communities, reducing travel issues and providing a continuity of personnel available to clients.


Let’s start the process to find solutions for your staffing needs.

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TLC can provide shift replacement staff to hospitals, medical clinics, long-term and retirement residences


Whether it is care plans or human resource audits, TLC has experienced staff to help get them done on time.


A wide range of marketing support including branding, social media or web development.       


All TLC Healthcare staff are fully vaccinated.  A PCR test will be conducted before being scheduled.  Proof of vaccination and negative test results provided.


TLC can provide staff for residents requiring extra care to increase Resident satisfaction in your Residence.


Whether you require filling one vacancy or ongoing support, TLC will search for the right person to join your team.


Designed for Retirement Homes, TLC can provide support to a residence’s activity program.

Continuing Staff Educaton

TLC Healthcare utilizes Surge Learning for ongoing staff training.  If your Residence uses Surge we can link the accounts to ensure staff are efficiently in compliance with your ongoing educational requirements.

1. Assess the Need

We will work with you to assess your staffing needs.  If necessary we will specifically recruit to find staff to work in your facility.

TLC has staff that can fill positions from Director of Care to Housekeeping support.

2. Scheduling

Your scheduler will work with you to fill staff vacancies.

You will be provided access to your facility’s schedule via an on-line web portal and a direct call number for support.

3. Orientation

We will work with you to orientate our staff to your facility.  This will include providing staff with any orientation documentation.  A team leader will be assigned to your facility to provide ongoing support to both you and our staff.

4. Documentation

If required for compliance, we will provide copies of staff certificates, vaccinations, etc.

5. Paperless

Wherever possible TLC Healthcare utilizes a paperless system.  From contract signing to time recording we use cloud-based systems that are accessible.

The changing landscape of the ageing population is affecting resident care in Retirement Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities.  Residents and their family are requesting additional individualized services.  For facilities already stretched to meet mandated services, the ability to provide extra care and enhance the resident’s experience is difficult to accomplish.

As residents who require extra care are often transitionary maintaining appropriate staffing levels can be cost prohibitive for a facility.  By contracting  TLC, the Facility can develop a flexible, yet consistent, Extra Care Service and increase Resident satisfaction.

Key components to effective extra care

  • Determine the services to be provided:
    • Rise and Retire
    • Continence Management
    • Medication Management
    • Escorting
    • Meal Assistance
  • Determine the level of care to be provided:
    • Weekly, Daily, 24 Hour
    • Number of Residents requiring care
    • Cognitive and physical limitations of residents

One on One Extra Care

Assign one caregiver to one resident: provide one on one care as needed.  Duration of care to be determined, billed per hour, minimum 3 hours.

This service can be contracted by the Facility or the individual Resident.

Multiple Resident Care

Assign one caregiver to multiple residents, maximum resident per caregiver determined by care needs and limitations of each resident in accordance with Ministry standards.  Minimum 7.5 hours per shift, maximum 11.25 hours.

Service contracted by Facility.

Healthcare residences face a heavy burden to maintain compliance.  From care plans to human resources the documentation can be overwhelming.  TLC can provide staff to complete the tasks or consultation on systems to ease that burden.

Care Plans

Ministry regulations require care plans to be created and reviewed on a regular schedule.  Residences that find themselves faced with ever-growing time demands may find this requirement difficult to mee.  TLC Healthcare can provide supplemental registered nursing staff to ensure that the regulations are met reducing the possibility that the Residence will be sanctioned by the Ministry.


Residences benefit from regular audits to ensure that operational and ministerial policies and procedures are being followed.  However, the ability to complete this beneficial task is unachievable due to more pressing time demands on the Residence’s staff.

TLC Healthcare can provide experienced personnel for audit completion:

  • Med Cart Audits
  • Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour Documentation Audits
  • Mandated Policy & Procedure Audits
  • RHRA Compliance Audits
  • Revenue Audits


The irony of Healthcare is that the search for efficiencies is a priority, finding the time to become efficient is elusive.  The time to navigate the many solutions available, determining the right fit, budget, implementing, training and maintaining systems can overwhelm.

TLC Healthcare can provide experienced personnel to help:

  • Scheduling Systems
  • Financial Software
  • Operational Policy & Procedure Development
  • Mandated Training Program
  • Compliance Monitoring Systems

Recruitment in any industry can be a costly and time-consuming task.  Recruiting in healthcare is doubly so as the demands placed on staff contribute to a workforce susceptible to high turnover and heavy onboarding documentation requirements.

While there are many recruitment agencies, few specialize in Healthcare and as a result are not familiar with the intricacies of healthcare services to find the ideal recruit to meet the facility’s staffing needs.

TLC Healthcare provides an a la carte menu of services that will fit the budget!

Key components to effective Healthcare recruitment

  • Determine the staffing needs:
    • Registered or Certified Staff
    • Unregulated Care Providers
    • Administrative Support
    • Full Time, Part Time or Casual
  • Determine the level of recruitment services:
    • Job Posting and Resume Screening
    • Pre-Interview Screening
    • Interviewing and selecting candidates
    • Onboarding

Base Recruitment – Job Posting & Resume Screening

The job description posted to multiple job boards and social media, a resume search for candidates that meet the qualifications in the Client’s location.  Screen resumes ensuring they meet criteria set by the client.  Provide client with screened resumes and contact information.

Add On Service – Pre-Interview Screening

Develop a pre-screening questionnaire based on a client’s criteria.  Send to candidates screened above, select candidates that score highest.  Provide client with resumes, questionnaires and contact information.

Add On Service – Interview & Select

Conduct interviews with selected candidates. Narrow candidate pool to the client’s determined number of candidates. Provide client with resumes, questionnaires, interview scoring and contact information.

Add On Service – Onboarding

Reference checks.  Obtain all required documentation: CPICs, Health data, professional certificates, Human Resources documentation including TD1s, Ministry of Labour Certifications for WHMIS, AODA and 4 Step Workplace Health and Safety.

Marketing campaigns are a necessary evil!  Not only do they attract potential clients they are important to recruiting staff.

A well-designed campaign including social media and web presence can make the difference to the success of your facility.

TLC can provide full marketing support, from graphics to web design from start, to finish to ongoing.


For marketing we can provide high quality, media ready, copyright free images to be used in print or social media material.


In consultation with you, we can design and prepare production quality materials for print or social media.

Social Media

Social media marketing can be time-consuming, we can provide you with the materials or run your campaign and the metrics for assessing the success of the campaigns.


Website design and maintenance is another time consuming but an essential key to the success of your facility.  Today’s website requires constant updating to ensure ranking in search engines.

We can build your site and provide support for you to maintain the site, or provide a full service.

Activity programming for residences is an essential component for providing resident satisfaction.  It is also a requirement of the RHRA.  TLC Healthcare can support your activity staff by providing a wide range of support.


From Bingo to Armchair travel, TLC can provide program suggestions and material support.


From design to preparation, TLC can provide a monthly calendar that will be a highlight for residents.

  • templates
  • full monthly design
  • graphics
  • social media support

Whatever your need, we can design the calendar support to meet your needs and budget.

Shift Relief

Even activity staff need a holiday!  If you require a replacement for your activity person, TLC has experienced staff to fill the position.


TLC Healthcare is committed to becoming a paperless business to improve efficiency, and, being kinder to our planet!

We use a digital signing system for documents requiring signature including contracts.  Zoho Sign is a service that lets you digitally sign and verify legally binding documents without the hassles of transporting paper documents. It is quick, easy, and works from any location and on any device.  You do not require an account to sign these documents and a copy will be automatically emailed.

Invoices can be emailed to the approved payer and payments can be made online either with a credit card or Etransfers.

Our scheduling and time recording also use digital technology.  Our staff clock in and clock out at your location either with their own smartphone mobile app or using your telephone for a toll-free call.  This system ensures you pay for time served and the Smartphone app records geographic locations for even greater accuracy.

Clients also have the option of viewing their schedule and recorded comments online through a dedicated, secure web portal.

For clients without computer access, TLC still retains the capability to provide you with paper documentation and regular mail!

Service to fit your needs and budget
Professional, empathetic and vetted staff
To deliver the very best care possible