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TLC is dedicated to customizing services to meet your needs.

The following are general questions that we hope will assist you.

TLC's model provides professional staff who live in the service community.

Local staffing support offers a consistency of care. We establish a care team for your residence who become familiar with your operations, increasing support efficiency and effectiveness.

Another advantage is local staffing reduces the cost of travel time and accommodations. This saving is passed on to you!

As well, local staff are invested in their communities, they care about the health care of their family, friends and neighbours, and this dedication reduces turnover.

Finally, providing qualified local healthcare workers with steady employment ensures they stay in our communities.

We will provide caregivers from other locations and discuss with you if there are additional costs.

TLC will also actively recruit for caregivers in your location.

We will provide the following documents:

Proof of certification 

Required Vaccination Status

Current CPIC

and other documents that your residence requires.

A signed contract between TLC and your residence will be completed.

TLC Scheduling services will work directly with your scheduling team.

Shifts requests can be sent in email for advance shifts and telephone for short notice requests.

Yes.  Our experience has shown that on-site orientations increase the success of staffing support.

Yes.  There is an orientation rate.


TLC has Registered Nurses, certified Personal Support Workers and support staff for all your residence needs.

Contact our Client Relations Manager, Ajaz Mohammed at 705-640-5394 extension 102 or email ajmohammed@tlchealthcare.ca

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