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TLC Healthcare Employee Information

Serving the Healthcare Needs of Our Community

Working in Healthcare means Regulations, Documentation and Paper work!
This page is to help TLC employees navigate the requirements, both legislated and TLC procedures.  Please familiarize yourself with the information contained.  The page will be updated to address changes as they occur.  Bookmark this page on your Favourite list so you can access whenever you need to refresh your memory on systems, policies and procedures.

It Could be Worse!   Team Quote!

“It’s a joke in the zoo business, a weary joke, that the paperwork involved in trading a shrew weighs more than an elephant, that the paperwork involved in trading an elephant weighs more than a whale, and that you must never try to trade a whale, never.”   ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi

TLC User Guides


Click Employee Quick User Guide

for the Reader’s Digest version of the User Guides and Handbook.

Comes with handy pictures to help with Rosemark and the On Line Pay Stub process.


Click on the Tabs to access the full version Employee User Guides


Click on the Button to access the TLC’s Employee Handbook.  This book contains our Policies, Procedures and Codes of Conduct.  All Staff are to familiarize themselves with these and follow the procedures as outlined.

The Rosemark Telephone Number is 1-877-571-2786.  This is number will be displayed on text message shift notifications and other messages from TLC.  It is recommended you save this number in your contacts with TLC as the identifier.

Whether you use the Rosemark Mobile App or not, the system automatically sends shift notifications to your cell phone as a text message and an email.  A reminder will be sent the day before each shift at 4 pm.  This is system generated and cannot be configured to individuals.

Shift notifications contain start and end times as well as the Client location.

Click on the Plus sign to open tab.  Click on Minus to close.

Rosemark Mobile App User Guide


Click the above button for User Guide information regarding installation and using the Rosemark Mobile App.   Or watch the video!  TLC Rosemark Caregiver AP Video

This app is used for both scheduling and time recording.  If staff encounter difficulty using the app, contact the Scheduler at 705-640-5394 ext 103

Common Issues Troubleshooting Guide

Below you will find common error messages, general issues and how to resolve them.

  • Caregivers getting an error saying they haven’t clocked out of their previous shift and now not able to clock into the current shift?

Incomplete Shifts

They are getting the above error message. This does NOT prevent them from clocking into the current shift, simply have them choose the ‘Yes’ option.

  • Caregiver unable to clock in or out due to ‘location failed’?

Location Failed Error

There are a few fixes for this issue.

First, make sure they have location tracking turned on. If they are using an Android phone, have them set the location mode to ‘ High Accuracy’.

Also, make sure that location permissions are enabled for the Caregiver Mobile app specifically. Overall location may be on but disabled for this particular app.

Caregivers showing as 400 feet away but they swear they’re in the client’s location?

Often Google Maps displays the address at the street, but the client may have a long driveway so the caregiver clocking in from inside the house can show as incorrectly far from the street address. This can be resolved with Custom Coordinates without the need to change the client’s physical address under the Info tab.   Contact TLC Office to correct this error if it is consistently occurring.

Caregiver can’t remember their password?

Contact the TLC Office to have the password reset.

Caregiver says they can’t fill out tasks?

Caregivers must clock in for their shifts before they are able to fill out task details. Make sure they have successfully clocked in for the shift.

Shift Times and/or Dates are Displaying Inaccurately

Shift Time Zone Error

If caregivers notice that the CMA presents both ‘local’ and ‘agency’ time on the shift card, this is due to a misalignment of Time Zone on the caregiver’s personal cellphone. Restarting the phone should realign the time zone. Often time zones can also be manually set.


To Clock in using any phone

  • Call 877-571-2786
  • When prompted, enter your 4 digit Caregiver Number
    • To Clock In:  Press 1
    • To Clock Out:  Press 2
  • When prompted, enter the 4 digit Client Number (contact the office for your client codes)


  • Log In Only – if TLC has issued a broadcast message it will be played when logging in
  • Log Out – if TLC has issued any tasks, follow the prompts
    • If prompted, enter the codes for any Tasks you completed during your shift:
      • Codes
        Timesheet Signed Enter 1
        Bathing Enter 2
    • Once you have entered a task code, press the # key to submit it
    • Rosemark Telephone will then verbally confirm the task corresponding to the code you entered. You may begin entering your next task code at any point (you do not have to
      wait for confirmation of each individual task)
    • If you enter a code for the wrong task, press the * key, then the # key to erase the last code you entered
    • If you enter a code that does not correspond to any existing tasks, you will be notified that you have entered an invalid code and prompted to re-enter that code
    • Once you have submitted your last code, press 0, then the # key to end task code entry
  • If prompted, you may leave a voice message. When you have finished recording, press the #key
  • You will receive confirmation that your login/logout has been recorded including the time at which it was recorded. After you have received confirmation you may hang up.

If you are not using the Rosemark Mobile app, you are required to obtain client signatures on paper time sheets.  These timesheets are to be emailed weekly to the TLC office at info@tlcmuskoka.ca

Click here for a printable form

Paper Time sheet


The Web portal allows you to view your schedule in any browser.  You cannot use this for clocking shifts, but it will provide client information including locations.

Caregiver instructions

1) Follow the link to login.  TLC Scheduling Webportal

2) Enter your username and password. Note: your username and password are case-sensitive.

3) Check your schedule. It will start with This Week, but you can look at any range by changing the drop-down date boxes.

**Note: it will show Assigned (A) and Verified Complete (V) shifts, as well as Shift Offers (SO) which will be highlighted.



  • The mobile app logs out automatically after 10 minutes of no activity.  It is strongly recommended you make your password simple to enter
  • If possible use the Mobile App as it is the simplest, most informative and robust but …
    • If you cannot use your Mobile App, you can call into the 1-877-571-2786 to clock in and/or out.
      • Note: If you use the 1-877 to clock in, you must use it to clock out.
    • If you clock in with the Mobile App but cannot clock out with the App you can call the 1-877 number to clock out.
    • You can call from your cell phone or a client’s phone
    • You will be asked for your Caregiver ID and the Client ID
      • Note your Caregiver ID is not your User ID – the Caregiver ID is the last 4 digits of your Cell Phone
    • If you use the 1-877, use the Voice Recorder to record the Charge Staff Name and Floor
  • Tasks, client signatures and recordings
    • Not all shifts will have tasks
      • For shifts that do have tasks remember to save when completed
    • You can use your finger to sign on the screen of the Mobile app, but a stylus will be better and TLC will supply you with one if you need it. It is best to use the horizontal screen.
    • You can use the Voice Recorder or shift notes, to record the Charge Staff name and floor in the comments.
    • If prompted for a client signature and the client is unable to provide write N/A in the client signature box. Put in comment box why there is no signature. Then Save.
      • Remember to complete the Task request and press Save. If this is not done you may not be able to clock out or the clock out will be recorded with an error.
  • Shift Verifications
    • If you clock correctly your shift will be automatically verified
    • If there are any discrepancies in the distance from location (the system uses geocodes) or shift times, the Scheduler will follow up with you to confirm and verify the shift
    • Shift verification is required to process payroll
  • Shift Notifications
    You will receive your Shift Notification in both

    • Email
    • Text Message
    • The shift notifications include the Location in the message, ie Muskoka Landing
  • Accepting Shift Notifications and Shift Offers
    Shift Offers require your action. You must either accept or decline. Please do not ignore.
    You can view notifications and accept offers in three ways:

    • Through the Mobile App
    • Through the Web Portal
    • Reply to Text
    • Call the Office – 705-640-5394 ext 103
      The best practice is to accept or decline in the Mobile or Web Portal as this automatically records your action.
    • You will receive notifications if you are late signing in or out.
      • The notification reminder for clocking in will start 5 minutes after the scheduled start time.
      • The notification reminder for clocking out will start 20 minutes after scheduled end time. If you have been asked to stay late, make sure to record the reason in the comment box when clocking out.

Out of courtesy to your client, your mobile should always be set to vibrate when on shift.

Caregiver Web Portal

  • The Web Portal allows you to easily view your upcoming schedule in a calendar format as well as any broadcast messages.


The CRA now allows the employee to deduct certain employment-related expenses from the employee’s annual tax return.

Every February when T4s are issued, TLC will send a completed T2200 form stating the following expenses are a requirement of employment with TLC Healthcare Services and are not reimbursed to employees:

  • Cell Phone
  • Internet
  • Automobile
  • Uniform

You need to keep receipts on hand and may be asked to provide them by either the CRA or your Tax Advisor

For more information about these credits click  Employment Expenses

Employee Documentation

In order for employees to be scheduled, there are documents that are required to be on file.

This documentation is required by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour and Long Term Care Facilities.

Note that there are also different requirements for professional designations.  Click on the Tab for the additional designation requirements.

Please ensure that all required documents are sent to TLC offices, either by emailing to info@tlcmuskoka.ca

or visiting our offices at

230 Manitoba Street, Suite 204, Bracebridge, ON P1L 2E1

For more information contact Taylor Crothers, 705-640-5394 ext 103

All employees must submit the following:

Documents can be scanned or photographed and emailed to info@tlcmuskoka.ca or delivered to the Office in Bracebridge

  • A Vulnerable Police Check dated within the last 6 months.

If an employee does not have a recent CPIC TLC will provide a letter to be taken to the Ontario Police Station in the employee’s location to obtain a CPIC.  The employee will send a copy of the receipt to the TLC Office.

When the CPIC is issued by the OPP, the employee will forward a copy to the TLC Office

  • A TB test result dated within the last 11 months

If an employee does not have a current TB test they are required to obtain one from their healthcare provider.  When the results are obtained a copy is to be forwarded to the TLC Office

If a Two Step Test has been obtained in the past, the employee is only required to obtain a one step.  However, the employee must be able to supply the record of the previous Two Step Results.  If this is not available, a two step is required.

  • Flu and Vaccination Records

Flu shots are a personal choice.  However, staff who do not have current flu vaccinations will not be able to be scheduled during Facility outbreaks or with any Home Care clients during Flu Season to ensure both staff and client health safety.

  • Ministry of Labour Certificates:  WHMIS, Health & Safety and AODA

These certificates are mandated by the Ministry of Labour and are required for renewal every year.  Certificates can be obtained online at the following links.  Clicking on the link will open in a new window


Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

To send the certificates to TLC, when prompted at the end of the Quiz to print your certificate do the following

  • Press Print
  • Change your printer Destination to Print to PDF – this may say Microsoft PDF Printer
  • When you press print, it will prompt you to save the document, save to a folder you will remember!
  • Open your email, address the email to info@tlcmuskok.ca
  • Press the Attach or Attachment Icon – usually a paper clip
  • Upload the file from the folder you saved the .pdf file
  • Press Send!

Revenue Canada TD1, TDON1, and Direct Deposit Forms

In addition to the requirements for all  employees, Registered Nursing staff, including Registered Practical Nurses, require the following

  • Valid Collge of Nurses Registration Number
  • Current First Aid & CPR
  • Current Mask Fit Certificate
  • 3 Healthcare Professional Supervisory References

There are many options to obtain certificate renewals for First Aid, CPR and Mask Fit.  Here are two links for the Muskoka/Simcoe area (links will open in new window)

Red Cross Training and Certification

Paramed Mask Fit Testing

As these certifications are required by legislation and all Healthcare Employers TLC does not reimburse for certificate renewals.  Employees can claim this expense on their annual Income Tax as a cost of employment.

In addition to the requirements for all  employees, Personal Support Workers working in Long Term Care Facilities require

  • Copy of PSW certificate from recognized Learning Institution
  • Current Mask Fit Certificate
  • 3 Healthcare Professional Supervisory References

There are many options to obtain certificate renewals for First Aid, CPR and Mask Fit.  Here are two links for the Muskoka/Simcoe area (links will open in new window)

Red Cross Training and Certification

Paramed Mask Fit Testing

As these certifications are required by legislation and all Healthcare Employers TLC does not reimburse for certificate renewals.  Employees can claim this expense on their annual Income Tax as a cost of employment.

In addition to the requirements for all  employees, Support Workers working in Retirement Residences and private individual homes require

  • Current First Aid
  • Current CPR
  • Valid Drivers License

There are many options to obtain certificate renewals for First Aid and CPR.  Here the link for the Muskoka/Simcoe area (link will open in new window)

Red Cross Training and Certification

As this certification, is required by legislation and all Healthcare Employers TLC does not reimburse for certificate renewals.  Employees can claim this expense on their annual Income Tax as a cost of employment.

Quick Policy & Procedure Facts - if you read nothing else, please read these


Shift No shows are defined as Shift Abandonment and are grounds for dismissal.

Employees must contact the TLC scheduler if they are cancelling a shift with notice (Notice is 24 hours before the shift start)

For shift cancellations due to Illness Employees must contact both the Client (Facility Charge Staff) and TLC.

If Employee is going to arrive late for a shift they must contact both the Client (Facility Charge Staff) and TLC and provide an estimated time of arrival.

For all cancellations:

  • Call TLC at 705-640-5394 ext 103
    • If after hours, leave a detailed message including the following
      • your name
      • client name
      • that you notified the client
      • time shift was to start
      • reason for not arriving as scheduled
        • if due to illness, provide symptoms
      • your telephone number
  • The employee will provide adequate notice for cancelling a scheduled shift
    • Email is not an acceptable method of communication for cancelling a shift.
    • A relative or friend cannot call on an employee’s behalf

For cancellations due to illness (Facility Only):

  • Call the Facility, report to Charge Nurse.
    • Describe symptoms – this is for Infectious Control Procedures

For late to shift:

  • Call the Client:  If it is a facility, report to Charge Nurse.  If it is a private client, report to a responsible person.
    • Client telephone numbers are recorded in the Shift Card on the Rosemark Caregiver Mobile App.  If you do not have access to the Mobile App, you can Google or call 411
  • Provide estimated time of arrival

Note:  TLC hours of operation are between 8 am and 6 pm. Between 6 pm and 8 am Employees will call and leave the message as outlined above.  A manager will call back during hours of operation.

Please remember that the Client relies on you to fill the shift.  Your failure to show will seriously impact the care that residents or an individual require.  All attempts should be made to make your shift, even if it means that you might be late.

For detailed information refer to Policy TLC-10 Availability for Shifts in the Employee Handbook.


Using the Rosemark Mobile app ensures that employees’ time is recorded accurately.  If there are no discrepancies, ie. clock in late, clock out late, clock outside of the geographic code, the shift will be automatically verified.

If the app is not used, or available, using the direct Telephone method, will also ensure that shifts are automatically verified.

Any variations will require the shift to be manually verified.  In this case, the Scheduler will contact the employee, either in email or phone call, to verify that they attended the shift.  In the case of Facilities, the employee will be required to have the Charge Staff physically sign a paper timesheet to confirm attendance.

It is imperative that staff follow the correct procedures.  If a Facility questions attendance and we cannot verify with documentation that the employee was present, the Facility will not pay for that shift and TLC will not be able to pay the staff person.

The best protection for staff is to use Rosemark, either the App or Telephone, as this provides robust data for shift confirmation that Facilities cannot dispute.

If you are experiencing difficulty using the System, and reviewing the documents on this page have not helped, please call Taylor Crothers at the office.


Rosemark provides employees to communicate shift events.  Employees can either type in their shift comments or leave a voice recording.

Examples of Shift Notes:

  • Employee was asked to work through their break in a Facility.  To be paid for this worked break, employees must report that it occurred and the Charge Staff’s name.  Failure to do both will result in this not being added to payroll and the employee will not be paid.
  • Employee was asked to stay after the end of their schedule shift (see above)
  • Employee encountered difficulties with client or facility staff
  • Employee witnessed an incident – If employee was involved in the incident, they are required to complete an incident report
  • For Home Care Clients – changes in behaviour, a particularly good day, etc.


TLC Clients schedule both in advance and, sometimes on the day.  TLC has no control over how our clients schedule or if they cancel a scheduled shift with enough notice.

Shifts are assigned based on employee skills and preferences.

Employee restrictions and preferences can impact the number of shifts available to the employee.


Shift Assignment

Employees who choose to have a set schedule will complete and return the Availability Agreement   – click link for forms   Full or Parttime Bi-weekly Availability Agreement 2019

Employees who choose to have a flexible schedule will complete and return a Biweekly Availability Agreement.

This agreement will be sent every two weeks for the following weeks via Docu-Sign.  Employees will complete this form Online as per the instructions attached.

Based on the Agreement, employees will be assigned shifts as per their skills, certifications and suitability to meet the client’s needs.

TLC will work to meet our employee stated hours, but employees recognize that restrictions they choose may not meet client needs.

Employees must notify in writing TLC Healthcare if their availability changes within an adequate time frame (see following). If no notice is given, employees are expected to fulfill their shift assignments until the following week. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Refusing an Assigned Shift

 Employees refusing an assigned shift that meets their stated availability and fits their skills and certification except for,

  • If an Employee has valid concerns regarding a specific location related to Workplace Health and Safety Standards (refer to policies TLC-6, TLC-7 & TLC-8). Employees must notify TLC Healthcare management when a Health and Safety concern arises that impacts on their ability to continue working at that location
  • Or is experiencing symptoms or injuries that prevent them from providing care

will be in breach of contract and subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.

For more information refer to the Employee Handbook TLC-10 Employee Availability for Shifts


Employees cannot change scheduled shifts with clients.  All shift changes must go through the Scheduler.  If a client asks to change the schedule direct them to ….

Contact the Office at 705-640-5394 ext 103

Note:  TLC hours of operation are between 8 am and 6 pm. Between 6 pm and 8 am 


Employees must record their time, from arrival at the client location and when leaving client location.

Ideally, staff will use the Mobile App as this is most robust and accurate recorder.  If staff can not use the Mobile App they must use the telephone system and call the 1-877 number.

For staff not using the mobile app, a paper time sheet must be used and signatures obtained.  A copy of the completed timesheet is then emailed to info@tlcmuskoka.ca

Staff can click this link Paper Time sheet for a printable form.

Not following proper procedures for time recording can result in payroll delays.


Regular Hours of Work:

TLC Healthcare shifts are client dependent and can range from 1 hour to 15 hours in length.

Regular Work Week:  37.5 hours (based on 5 day single 7.5 hr shifts)

In accordance with revisions to the Ontario Labour Act, hours of work are averaged over the biweekly pay period (14 days).  Employees can work a maximum of 88 hours in the biweekly period.


 TLC has a contractual agreement with our client to not pass on Overtime unless the Client specifically authorizes that situation.

Overtime is paid for any hours that exceed 88 hours in the biweekly pay period (work week is Monday to Sunday).

In accordance with Ministry of Labour regulations, employees are not entitled to Overtime for a double 7.5-hour shift.

Stat Holiday Pay

Stat Holidays:  The following are Statutory Holidays under the Act

  • New Year’s Day            – January 1
  • Family Day                  – Third Monday in February
  • Good Friday                 – Friday before Easter Sunday
  • Victoria Day                 – Monday before May 25
  • Canada Day                 – July 1
  • Labour Day                  – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Day      – Second Monday in October
  • Christmas Day            – December 25
  • Boxing Day                  – December 26

Any shift started on the above dates are entitled to time and a half regular wage.

For night shifts the Stat Holiday is paid for the shift beginning on the Stat holiday.  Therefore, if the shift begins on January 1st at 10 pm and ends at 6 am on January 2, the 7.5 hrs. starting on January 1st will be paid at time and a half.

Statutory Hours are not added to the Regular Work Week hours for Overtime purposes.

To qualify for being paid for not working on the Stat Holiday (Stat Pay):

  • an employee must work his or her last regularly scheduled day before and first regularly scheduled day after the public holiday, this includes a scheduled shift on the Stat Holiday. Failure to work the scheduled shifts result in employees revoking their entitlement to Stat pay
  • Stat pay is based on the average hours of the previous four weeks of scheduled shifts and calculated by the Ontario Ministry of Labour Public Holiday Calculator

On the pay stub,

  • the non-worked Stat hours, this is listed on the Line Item Stat Pay
  • for shifts worked on the Stat Holiday, this is listed on the Line Item Overtime

For more information refer to the Employee Handbook – Overtime and Stat Holiday Pay



The TLC Healthcare cell phone policy offers general guidelines for using cell phones during work hours.

The purpose of this policy is to help us all get the most out of the advantages cell phones offer our company while minimizing distractions, accidents, and frustrations improper cell phone use can cause.


This policy applies to all TLC Healthcare employees.

The following are TLC Healthcare’s policies for proper employee cell phone use during work hours. In general, cell phones should never be used when they could pose a security or safety risk, or when they distract from work tasks.

  • Never use a cell phone while driving.
  • Never use a cell phone while operating equipment.
  • Do not use cell phones while on the floor in Facilities.
  • Do not use cell phones in the presence of Clients/Residents unless required to do so for clocking.
  • Do not use cell phones to record photos or videos of Clients/Residents/Facility staff without authorization.

We realize that for Employees cell phones are used for timekeeping.   We require employees to only use their cell phone when:

  • Clocking in or out of a shift in the appropriate place to do so.
  • To report incidents to TLC management in the appropriate place to do so.
  • To keep track of work tasks in the appropriate place to do so.

Disciplinary Action:

Improper use of cell phones may result in disciplinary action. Continued use of cell phones at inappropriate times or in ways that distract from work may lead to termination.

Cell phone usage for illegal or dangerous activity, for purposes of harassment, or in ways that violate the company confidentiality policy may result in immediate termination.



The TLC Healthcare dress code policy is designed to help us all provide a consistent professional appearance to our clients and colleagues. Our appearance reflects on ourselves and the company. The goal is to be sure that we maintain a positive appearance and not to offend customers, clients, or colleagues.


This policy applies to all TLC Healthcare employees.

Dress Code Policy:

  • Employees are expected to dress in appropriate healthcare attire unless the day’s tasks require otherwise.
    • Examples of Healthcare Attire:
      • Scrubs
      • White Lab Coat
  • Employees must always present a clean, professional appearance. Everyone is expected to be well-groomed and wear clean clothing, free of holes, tears, or other signs of wear.
  • Clothing with offensive or inappropriate designs or stamps are not allowed.
  • Clothing should not be too revealing.
  • Clothing and grooming styles dictated by religion or ethnicity are exempt.
  • TLC Healthcare ID are always to be worn and visible when on Client premises.

Dress Code Violations

Managers or supervisor are expected to inform employees when they are violating the dress code. Employees in violation are expected to immediately correct the issue. This may include having to leave work to change clothes.

Repeated violations or violations that have major repercussions may result in disciplinary action being taken up to and including termination.


TLC Healthcare has a legislative obligation to record any incidents outside of normal operations that impact on Health and Safety, Labour Relations, Human Relations and Client Contractual Agreements.

In accordance with legislation, any employee or management concerns that could result in legal or disciplinary action must be documented.  Action cannot be taken based on verbal communications only.


Health and Safety Incidents

  • If staff encounter a situation in a client location that causes concern about the Health and Safety of either client or staff they are to report the situation to TLC Management immediately.
  • If the situation is of imminent danger staff are to call 911
  • Staff will be asked to provide a written report describing the incident, witness, outcomes and email to TLC Management
  • An incident report will be completed by TLC Management including any actions and staff will be provided a copy in email.
  • Staff will respond to this email and this will be documented as an electronic signature of acceptance

Labour & Human Relations

Any disciplinary infractions by staff will be documented in the Incident Report.  Infractions may include, but do not exclude those not listed:

  • Failure to follow Policies and Procedures
  • Failure to report to work
  • Abuse of Client: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Neglect, Sexual
  • Harassment of Co-workers
  • Falsifying timesheet data
  • Participating and/or encouraging non-standards of practice of care

The incident report will be completed by the appropriate TLC Healthcare Manager and will include documentation, witness reports and actions taken.

A copy of this incident report will be shared with the employee via email.

Client Contractual Agreements

Violations of contractual agreements will be documented in an Incident Report

Violations may include, but do not exclude those not listed:

  • Refusal of service by either client or staff
  • Failure to provide a safe work environment for client or staff

The incident report will be completed by the appropriate TLC Healthcare Manager and will include documentation, witness reports and actions taken.

A copy of this incident report will be shared with the parties involved via email.


An annual review of incidents reports will be conducted by TLC Management.  This review may result in updates to operating policies and procedures, as well as ongoing reviews may result in changes to procedures and report formats.

Click on the link for a printable form, or email lindamcmullen@tlcmuskoka.ca and request an online form

Incident Report


If staff are injured in the workplace the following is required:

  • Immediately report the injury to a responsible person on site – for example, in a Facility report to the Charge Nurse
  • As soon as possible, report the injury to TLC by calling 705-640-5394
    • it is essential that you inform TLC management if you went to a Healthcare provider, ie Doctor, Emergency Dept. or Walk In Clinic
  • Complete an incident report – you may be asked to fill out a Facility incident report as well
  • Workplace injuries will be reported to WSIB.  WSIB makes the determination whether employee’s lost time will be covered
  • Employees will be required to have a Fit To Work form to be completed to return to normal duties

If staff are injured outside of the workplace:

  • As soon as possible, report the injury to TLC by calling 705-640-5394
  • Non-workplace injuries are not covered by WSIB
  • Depending on the injury, employees may be required to have a Fit To Work form to be completed to return to normal duties
  • Depending on the extent of the injury, employees may be eligible for EI Medical Leave Benefits

Due to the nature of our client obligations, TLC is not in a position to offer modified duties.


TLC is working to reduce paper!  As a result, we encourage staff to send copies of required documents using email.

You can do this from your phone

  • take a picture, make sure that the document is clearly shown and not cut off
  • on a Iphone or Ipad, press the box with the up arrow
  • on a Android phone
    • Open the Settings app on your device. Before you can email pictures from your Android device, you’ll need to make sure that you are logged into your email account. You can do this from the Settings app.
    • Open your Gallery or Photos app. This app contains all of the photos that are currently stored on your device.
    • Press and hold the first picture that you want to send. This will select it and enter Selection mode.
    • Tap additional pictures that you want to send. Once you’re in Selection mode, tap each additional picture that you want to select and send.
      Try to send no more than five pictures per email message. Many email services will not allow the recipient to receive emails that are too large. Limiting the message to five pictures will help ensure that anyone can receive it.
    • Tap the “Share” button after selecting pictures. Once you’re finished selecting images, tap the “Share” button. You can usually find this at the top of the screen. It looks like a “<” with dots at each point.
    • Select your email app from the list of apps to share to. When you tap the Share button, a list of apps will appear in a new window. Scroll through the list until you find the “Email” button. Tapping this will open your email app with a new message
    • Compose and address your message. When you select your Email app, you’ll be taken to the Compose Message window. You’ll see the images you selected have been added as attachments to the email message. Enter a body for the message and add recipients at the top.

for detailed instructions and pictures! click How to Email Pictures from a Cell Phone

Iphone users can also scan and create .PDF files by using the Note App.   Click How to Scan & Sign PDF Documents in the Notes App


Docu Sign allows staff to complete forms on line.  A request to complete the form is sent to you in email.

It is important to remember that any box marked in red must be filled with some text – even if it “does not apply”

You will know you have filled all the mandatory boxes when the red Finish Button appears.

For detailed instructions Click How do I sign a DocuSign document?

Management Contact

CALL 705-640-5394 OR TOLL FREE 844-809-8355


For all scheduling, shift inquiries, availability.

Taylor Crothers

705-640-5394 ext 103



For all issues related to payroll,  Canadian Revenue Agency, WSIB, Ministry of Labour, staff recruitment, employee concerns regarding workplace health and safety, and resignations

Linda McMullen

705-640-5394 ext 104



Clinical and nursing concerns

Sharron Brock, RN

705-640-5394 ext 101



Facility client inquiries

705-640-5394 ext 102



Printable Forms

Click on the + sign to open the appropriate form.  Each form will open in a new window and can be either printed or downloaded by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top right of the screen.

All forms are to be submitted to the office either by delivering them in person or email info@tlcmuskoka.ca

If you require paper copies of these forms please contact the office at 705-640-5394

Paper Time sheet

Once completed, send copy to the office, either via email at info@tlcmuskoka.ca or text 705-706-5771

Incident Report

Completed reports are to be emailed to lindamcmullen@tlcmuskoka.ca or delivered to the office at 230 Manitoba Street, Suite 204, Bracebridge, ON.

Please feel free to send comments and requests for additional information regarding this page to lindamcmullen@tlcmuskoka.ca
This page will be updated on an as need basis as policies and procedures adapt to the ever-changing Healthcare world.